Alternative Jericho Tours

The ancient city of Jericho can be reached via all the cardinal points on the compass if you decide to explore Israel with Alternative Jericho Tours. Situated deep down in a valley, it is said to be the lowest city in the world. As a tourist destination, it is flanked in the east by the holy city of Jerusalem, in the north by the Dead Sea and the west by the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

For tourists visiting Jericho, there is a lot to see and learn. Jericho is a productive farming city that has remained the agricultural hub of Israel, producing exotic fruits and seeds from dates to bananas and some of the best winter vegetables that are a staple in the foods of the locals.

Touring the towns around Jericho                   

Over the years, the town of Jericho has witness immerses development mostly in confiscated land, but that has not diminished the beauty of the Israeli landscape or stop tourists from exploring the length and depth of the countryside.

The most popular sites to see on the way to Jericho are the Judean wilderness, the Good Samaritan inn, the ruins of the Church of St Euthymius, the mountain of temptation, and the Dead Sea which ends the tour.

However, using the Alternative Jericho tour, you might see St. George’s Monastery and the Qumran caves where the Dead Seas Scrolls were found.

Highlights on the way are:

  • The Tomb of the Prophet Musa or Moses which is a splendid edifice that housed the gravesite and an annual celebration spot for devotees
  • The St. George Monastery that houses the skeletal remains of the monk who were massacred during the Persian regime
  • The mosaic floor at St John’s church dating back to the 6th century
  • The narrow winding footpath to the St George monastery for tourists who dare to see the display in the monastery
  • Temptation Mountain – where the devil tempted Jesus when he was in his 40 days and 40-night fast period

 Interesting points to note in Jericho

The old city walls that were built as defense dating back 7000BC making Jericho the oldest inhabited city in the world to date. Tourists get to climb the stairs and see Jericho from an elevation like never before

The springs of the Elisha because it was purified by him using salt and today clean water still continues to flow out of the fountain in the middle of a wilderness

Other Important Information

  • Departure times will be communicated to all participants in a group
  • In addition to meeting points, you can schedule a pick up for a fee
  • Kids must be seated with parents of guardians and never left alone
  • The scheduled date and time are distributed to all travelers
  • The duration of the trip is between 5 to 7 hours unless otherwise stated

Benefits of using Alternative Jericho tour

  • Comfortable transportation systems
  • Fully air-conditioned buses
  • Secure, uninterrupted internet connectivity available
  • Private tours available
  • Meals will be discussed on arrival.

While we will work to ensure that all tourists and guests using Alternative Jericho Tours are satisfy with our services, we seek your patience if there is a delay or cancelation.

Bethlehem and Jericho Full Day Tour from Tel Aviv Regular price$120.00

Bethlehem and Dead Sea Full Day Tour from Jerusalem Regular price$80.00

Bethlehem and Dead Sea Full Day Tour from Tel Aviv Regular price$120.00

See Jericho from a different perspective with the Alternative Jericho Tour.

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