Bethlehem Meets Banksy at the West Bank Wall

This is Part of Bethlehem Half Day Tour For Elijah Tours & Travel ❤

Indiana Jane

If you look on a map, Jerusalem looks like a small peninsula jutting into the West Bank, with Bethlehem immediately on the walled-in side. According to a local guide, the barrier is 830 kilometers long and nearly four meters high, intended to keep people in, not out. Life inside in the wall is a community of its own, throttled by the government with great restrictions on the people. Testimonies inside the wall from civilians indicate the consequences of walling in an entire population. Permits to leave can take long to get and medical treatment can be slow to come by for those in dire need.

In 2003, street artist and political activist, Banksy, adorned Bethlehem with his first of many stenciled designs that made world fame. “Rage, Flower Thrower” depicts a masked man throwing a bouquet of flowers rather than a grenade or Molotov cocktail. This may be his most…

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Dead Sea Survival Guide

Indiana Jane

I was at my lowest point on earth at the actual lowest point on earth. Okay- this is an exaggeration, but it was brutal. We were told by locals the Dead Sea would be miserable in August. So far, it’s been about 30C in Jerusalem where we are staying, but the Dead Sea pushes over 40 degrees of sweltering air (over 100 Fahrenheit). We basically put our suits on and dipped in long enough to see how easy it is too float. It’s so easy that you can’t even pull your legs underneath you from a cradle position. After five minutes of burning cuts and tripping over salt crystals, we ran to the fresh water rinse to save our skin.

If you aren’t prepared with the following things, forget it. Turn back.

1.) Do not shave for at least two days before going. Have you ever jumped in the ocean…

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Elijah Tours Review: Bethlehem & Dead Sea

Review to Elijah Tours – Bethlehem and Dead Sea Tour

Indiana Jane

If I have the opportunity to snag a local for a tour, that’s my preferred method of learning an area, but sometimes it is hard to find such a person with limited time. After hours of online searching, I found Elijah Tours for a 1-day Bethlehem/ Dead Sea tour. They were the most affordable with the best time options, so I went with it. Here is how our very impressive day went:

First of all, I broke my own personal rule of no hitchhiking. Our tour met at a hotel in Jerusalem around 8 a.m. so Chloe and I hailed a taxi to get to the meeting point. False. We did not hail a taxi. We accidentally hailed a regular person who had an Italian nun in the backseat that he had also picked up, so I figured this had to be about the safest hitchhiking situation. We hopped…

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Touring Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city that stands on the crossroads of three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  It’s a holy city that captivates the world’s attention and holds a significant grasp over a third of the Earth’s population. To learn about Jerusalem, you have to see it. Exploring it opens up a cache of treasures for those who go at it alone or select a professional tour guide to help you get the most out of your destination.

What makes this city so enigmatic is Old City Jerusalem. Though this area is only one-square-mile of a walled city that is holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, it has become the capital of these monotheistic religions. In the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, the last piece of the Jewish Temple, is now the holiest sites to Judaism and the primary focus for the Jews and a focal point for these people’s faith. It is also the site where Christ died and was resurrected and is celebrated by many denominations within the Church of the Sepulchre. To make this city more complete, Muhammad himself rose into the heavens here, and the Dome of the Rock is the third holiest site for Islam.

Jerusalem Private Tours

Jerusalem offers a fantastic assortment of tours and tour guides. The city has withstood countless strife and conflict over its long history. Countless times it has been captured, destroyed, recaptured, and built numerous times again. Because of this, and the vibrant cultures that populate this great city, it’s a place many things to see for visitors from all walks of life.

  1. Three Religions Tour: At the heart of Jerusalem beats the spiritual center of the world’s three major religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Old City Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock are all parts of this visit and will give you a solid grasp of the city’s struggles over the past 4,000 years.
  2. The West Bank: The West Bank is full of ancients sites and contrasts to match while being surrounded by commercial areas and a touch of modern life. A visit to the ancient city of Jericho is famous and don’t forget to visit the Mount of Temptation that overlooks the city.
  3. The Dead Sea: A visit to Jerusalem wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the Dead Sea. This historic site is a must-see and if possible, take the opportunity to take a dip in the salty waters. It’s a great way to relax after being bombarded by history and could easily recharge your mind, body, and soul before your next tour.
  4. Tel Aviv: This modern city, with its exciting nightlife, is only an hour away from Jerusalem. If you’re staying in Tel Aviv, it’s a perfect way to see the historic city of Jerusalem without having to change hotels. Stop at the Via Dolorosa, visit the exotic markets, and top it off with a visit to the Church of the Nativity where its believed Jesus was born.
  5. Shabbat or Sabbath Walking Tour: If you want to experience local culture and customs, this is the perfect tour. On the Sabbath, Jews go to sites like the Western Wall, and it’s a sight to behold. Each site is celebrated differently, but they are all glimpses in time for an ancient religion and amazing people.
  6. Private Christian Biblical Tour of Jerusalem: No matter your knowledge of Christianity, it is hard to ignore the importance of Jerusalem and Bethlehem are to this old religion. Visits to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Chapel of Saint Helena, and the Church of the Nativity are all stops and is a perfect way for Christian believers to get up close with their faith.
  7. Culinary Tours: Are you a foodie with a desire to learn more about what Jerusalem has to offer in culturally authentic foods? If so, then a culinary tour is perfect. These tours are filled with tastings, history, and usually last around 2 hours. There’s the Carmel Market, Levinsky Market, Market Hop, and more to tantalize your tastebuds in Israel.

Experiencing Israel and especially Jerusalem takes some planning. As with most foreign areas, local laws, safety guidelines, not too mention social etiquette rules as well. While soaking up the Mediterranean sun or taking in the breathtaking views from the Golan Heights, an excellent tour guide will let you know what to be aware of, especially if you’re a first-time visitor in Israel. Being a holy city, many of these rules vary with the faiths and its best to stick with those as it will not only enrich your experience in Jerusalem but also makes it easier if you plan your tour accordingly.

There is much to see and do in Jerusalem. A private tour can be part of a more extensive Israel tour or more biblical. Many choose to join large groups but to get the best out of your visit, a private tour will put you on a whirlwind adventure throughout the city the region surrounding it. Planning your trip and tour with Elijah Tours & Travel will help you make the best of your time in Jerusalem as its easy to lose all sense of it when you wander the city.

Jerusalem is a city like no other. Old and new push for space as three religions call this city holy. While intense, Jerusalem cannot be explained but has to be experienced. It’s a city that’s as timeless as it stands at the center of time itself. Thousands of years of history show on her stone walls. Where an ancient people once walked, now tourists scurry to and fro. Jerusalem is a city as modern as it is old. No Jerusalem tour in Israel is complete without a visit to this city of antiquity. This is Jerusalem and is truly a city for everyone.

Private Tours in Israel

Private Tours in Israel

Israel is a land of diverse climates, passions, religions, cultures, and even nightlife. In fact, there is no other place like it on Earth. It is also home to ancient ruins and a rich history that spans not only time but people. It’s a place where the origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have originated, and many people see coming to Israel not just for fun and excitement, but a spiritual pilgrimage as well.

Touring Israel is an experience of a lifetime. In today’s world, Israel is the beacon of light in a time of shifting turmoil. This beautiful country is also one of the leading innovators in the high-tech world along with fields of biotech and agriculture. Israel is changing the world within these fields of industry and offers hundreds of beaches along the Mediterranean, whether you want to soak in the sun or sail the deep blue sea.

Israel Private Tours

If you’re thinking of signing up for a tour in Israel, your choices are many, but the best way to see this beautiful country is by a private tour. While it may be fun to see part of the country in groups of other people, many of these can bog you down.

Israel Private tours are tailor-made for families and special groups. Your tours guides will show excellence in showing you the country and their knowledge shows will astound you. Here are some reasons why an Israel Private would be best.

Reasons to book an Israel Private Tour

  1. Licensed and knowledgeable tour guides: These tour guides are carefully selected to show you the country and meet only the highest standards.
  2. Historical Connections: While many tours offer a link between history and culture, private tours offer a deeper connection between the two and how they affect today’s world.
  3. Many work within your preferences: Not everyone wants to see the same things. They’ll cover all aspects of your visit and not just a few bits here and there. An Israel Private Tour shows you what you want to see to further enrich your stay in this beautiful country.
  4. An insider’s view of Israel: Israel is full of hidden surprise and gems. Your tour guides on an Israel Private Tour will help you discovers these and broaden your experience.

Whether you want to tour Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, visiting the coastline, or even the Judean Desert Monastery, an Israel Private Tour will not only enhance your experiences in Israel, but they will also give you memories that will last a lifetime. Art, archeology, and spirituality are in abundance in Israel, not to mention the beauty of Israel’s green areas, rivers, streams, and wildlife will keep you wanting more of this lush and vibrant land and people.

Israel is a beauty to behold, and an Israel Private Tour will allow you to explore this land with all its richness and culture that has held the world enthrall for centuries. Skip the popular guided tours and go private for an experience that touches the soul.

Best Places to Visit in Bethlehem Half Day Private tour

Nativity Church

Church of the Nativity or Basilica of the Nativity – Make Sure to Visit the Grotto there will be usually wait it might take couple of mins or few hours waiting on the line depend on season time if you are not religious the wait might not be worth it we suggest you continue touring the Nativity Church , it have three parts, the Armenian, Orthodox and Catholic – also saint Joseph cave and Saint Jerome Cave they close Randomly if there were booked by pilgrim group but defiantly worth the visit

Chapel of the Shepherd’s Field

Shepherds Field Have many interesting places to see like Church of the Angel Built by Antonio Barluzzi , also cave of the Shepherds and ruins of an Ancient Monastery

Walled off Hotel & Separation Wall & Banksy Paintings

very Interesting to see those paintings done by the Famous Graffiti artist Banksy that no body knows who is he, he have more than 9 paintings in Bethlehem Area,

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