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All About Jericho Visits

Making Jericho visits is one the best tour decisions anyone can make, drifting back into the world before contemporary modernization.

Feeling the same atmosphere that was felt by billions of people centuries before is one of the exhilarating experiences the City of Palms offers to all that visits her.

Believed to be the oldest city in the world and houses lots of historical artifacts that still have modern-day significance and remains a pleasant place to make memories when you can.

For anyone making Jericho visits for the first time, it’s fine to be a little anxious having heard and read so much about this ancient town.

But at the end of this guide, you will be desperate to explore and have your heart content with the rich fascinating attractions awaiting you as you make your next or first Jericho visit.

  • Inside the City of Palms, like another tourist, one of the foremost visited sites is the age-old sycamore tree, still standing where it stood the day Jesus looked up and found Zacchaeus. Aren’t you surprised it is still there? You will not only see it but will have the chance to feel it and take pictures if you like, as you may love to make every site visited a memorial piece.
  • From there, the Sultan’s Mound is also called Jericho Tell or the Mound of Ancient Jericho. It is about 2.5km from the central square, where over 25 settlements were discovered and the first one survived up to the 9000BC.
  • The Hisham’s Palace is another site that leaves visitors spellbound, all thanks to its intricate architectural details. An 8th-century palace built under the reign of Umayyad Caliph the 10th 724AD but got destroyed by an earthquake in 746AD and was later reconstructed by British archaeologists. Taking care to recreate the mosaic symbolic engravings and artistry that makes its design a timeless state of the art and an attractive site for tourists and visitors.
  • The amount of temptation is another place with historical significance and visitors love to hop into the cable car and catch a glimpse of the very site where Jesus had that famous temptation dialogue with Satan. For Christians, viewing the place where the Lord fasted for forty days and forty nights and later overcame the temptation of Satan gives them the needed inspiration and they look forward to this site.
  • The cave that Jesus stayed during the fast days was later acquired by the Greek and they built the Sarandarion Monastery there. This is also a pleasant sight to see as they named it after the 40days fast by the Lord.
  • The Wadi Qelt is another serene spot with gushing freshwater springs and lovely palm trees. This spot also has an old tale of housing an aqueduct built by King Herod, as well a short distance road between old Jerusalem and Jericho.
  • St George’s monastery is situated on the north of Wadi Qelt and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it stands 20km from Jerusalem.
  • ●      On the road by Jerusalem before getting into Jericho has the Inn of the good Samaritan and visitors love to have a view of this beautiful site too.

This ancient town certainly has many interesting sites that will inspire you and get you melancholic once you are back home. That is why visitors love to create visible memories with pictures and travelogues and you can also. Click Here for Best Jericho Tours


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