Bethlehem to Jericho Tour

Take a journey through two of the holiest, and most spoke about cities in the bible with Bethlehem to Jericho tour. This trip is usually for tourists who are not centrally located in Jerusalem or have seen the city and would like to start from another history-laden city to see the magnificent landscape that Israel has to offer.

Tourists on this trip get to walk with Jesus starting at the old city walls with a breathtaking view of Jerusalem before descending into the valley of Kidron to the Garden of Gethsemane, a place of betrayal by one of Jesus’ disciple, Judas Iscariot.

At this point, a visit to the Church of all Nations past the Good Samaritan inn, which is now a museum of unique artifacts and history? As you descend to the city of Jericho, you are greeted by the infamous Sycamore tree where the tax collector Zacheus climbed to take a sharp look at Jesus.

Some unique stops on this tour are

The Manger Square that leads to the Church of Nativity gets its name from the stable where Jesus was born was 2000 years ago, which is close to the border; tourists are required to have a valid visa and passport as valid means of identification.

The Church of Nativity is adjacent to the Square and enshrines the Grotto. Other interesting sites to see are the Church of St Catherine, the mosque of Omar, a beautiful souvenir market where tourists can get elegant historical gifts and items for themselves and loved ones.

The Church of St. Catherine is within the Church of Nativity and is one of the top attractions here. You can visit the numerous tombs and shrines all dedicated to her. This UNESCO heritage site is also the venue of the annual midnight mass broadcasted to millions of Christian across the world on the eve before Christmas.

Along the way is Elisha Springs                                                        

Dating back 8000 years ago and maintaining a temperature of 26 degrees centigrade, this spring is regarded as holy and healing water. Described as a miracle spring since the environment it is located in a desert region with no portable drinking water. This spring makes the old city of Jericho an oasis when compared with the dry surroundings.

Additional places to see

  • Tell Jericho
  • Temptation Mountain
  • The Grotto where Jesus was fed by the mother
  • The city of Jericho

Our Services include

  • An attractive means of transportation
  • A qualified tour guide fluent in a couple of languages including English to ease communication
  • Early departure to enable you to plan the rest of your day efficiently
  • See interesting and most beautiful places in Israel
  • All trips arrival back at the point of meeting without delay

Are you planning a trip to Israel soon, don’t miss the exciting and history-filled places between Bethlehem and Jericho. Book all your tours with the Bethlehem and Jericho Tours and experience Israel from a stunning point of view.

Do you know you can enjoy the full spectacle of the cities with an amazing guide. Elijah tours have got you covered whenever you’re in the beautiful city of Israel.

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