Bethlehem to Jericho Tour from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of beautiful emotions when you take a tour of Bethlehem and the ancient city of Jericho. Prepare your mind to meet with timeless ancient magnificence from these historic cities.

Getting into the grounds of the church of the nativity, Aida refugee camp, the manger square, and other treasurable ancient attractions are part of the fun when you set out on a Bethlehem to Jericho tour.

With these few hints, you are already excited and to make sure you have a fancy fantasy about the tour, here are the things to look forward to.

  • The tour from Bethlehem to Jericho usually begins at the separation barrier, the wall you would hear about that separates the countries of Israel with Palestine. Just before leaving the separation wall, you will get the chance to thrill your eyes with the astonishing artwork on the walls, a beautiful site for brief photograph taking too.
  • ●      From there, a stopover at Aida refugee camp which has a huge sculptured key on the entrance and is adjacent to the tomb of Rachael, Jacob’s wife in the bible. This camp was built during the war period in 1948 and compelled the city’s inhabitants to live. The church of nativity remains one of the oldest places of worship for the Christians as it stands in the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The structure also has finely wall paintings and mosaic inscriptions that will all be viewed when on a tour from Bethlehem to Jericho.
  • With lunch at the beautiful little town of Bethlehem where the Lord was born, the tour continues to the oldest town in human history, the town of Jericho.
  • Upon arrival, you will be greeted with breathtaking desert views and settlements, as well as all the finely detailed structures of the city of Jericho.
  • The tree of life is also a perfect view when you arrive in Jericho, which you probably will be to behold and here is your chance to have a personal view.
  • If you had been wondering what the amount of temptation looked like? You wouldn’t have to wonder anymore when you arrive at the ancient city of Jericho. Because walking on the very mount where Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights and later got tempted by satan after his baptism will form your memoir at the end of the tour.
  • Being around an environment so sublime and serene with sights of tall hills and rivers will get you wishing the tour didn’t have to end but from there, the trip continues to another timeless piece of aesthetics.
  • The Hisham palace is indeed the storehouse of unmatched artistry and architectural finest, once you are in there, your jaw continually threatens to drop. The kind of expression that is impossible to conceal with the youngest perfection in a person.
  • After the picture sessions at the Hisham palace, the trip continues back to Bethlehem.

For the last word, you are free to bring along your sunglasses, hats and whatever personal effects you may need to make the tour eventful and memorable.

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