Indiana Jane

I was at my lowest point on earth at the actual lowest point on earth. Okay- this is an exaggeration, but it was brutal. We were told by locals the Dead Sea would be miserable in August. So far, it’s been about 30C in Jerusalem where we are staying, but the Dead Sea pushes over 40 degrees of sweltering air (over 100 Fahrenheit). We basically put our suits on and dipped in long enough to see how easy it is too float. It’s so easy that you can’t even pull your legs underneath you from a cradle position. After five minutes of burning cuts and tripping over salt crystals, we ran to the fresh water rinse to save our skin.

If you aren’t prepared with the following things, forget it. Turn back.

1.) Do not shave for at least two days before going. Have you ever jumped in the ocean…

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